This episode is all about the man behind TRAVR. TRAVR is a traveling company that organizes and guides young adults to beautiful places all over the world. Clint Bertucci, the man behind it all, used to have a “successful” Mortgage company but began to rethink what “success” really meant to him. Growing up we tend to correlate success with the amount of money we are making, but while Clint was running his Mortgage company he began to think that maybe it’s not about the money, but rather about the accumulation of meaningful experiences and happiness generated throughout a lifetime. Clint was inspired to turn his life around and did just that with the first steps being leaving the Mortgage company he created behind, selling everything he owned, and buying a one way ticket to his Italian homeland. He was in Italy for over a year and had found a new passion in photography and Videography and was making good money from it. Clint found himself back in Florida looking at a common place that seemed so different to him. There is something special about traveling the world and seeing new and uncommon places that makes you look at this life differently. Clint knew he didn’t want to go back into his old 9-5 career and found himself creating a travel company, TRAVR. Now TRAVR goes on many trips a year inspiring young adults to go out into the world and have experiences similar to Clint’s. While doing this podcast with my new friend Clint I felt the passion even though we were thousands of miles a part. He cares deeply about making sure every individual he guides around the world has the best possible experience. Clint and I share many things in common, especially when it comes to inspiring people to take some time and travel the world before it’s too late and that word regret starts to seep in.

If you would like to know more about TRAVR click the on the link provided. Also, if you weren’t inspired enough already check out some YouTube videos using the key word TRAVR

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