Our Story

Koen and Kiki’s story began what seems like a short time ago when they first met in 2010. Traveling has always been a passion that they shared together and they knew they were destined to explore this beautiful planet together. After a few years of hard work and some risky career moves, Koen and Kiki decided to travel the world together. That what WE PLAN OUR TRIP is all about; biting the bullet, taking risks, and finding that traveling is one of the most important aspects of life during our brief existence here on earth.

World tour 2017/2018

We started our trip around the world on September 3rd, 2017. And while traveling we create videos for luxury hotels and resorts. As experienced drone pilots and videographers, we have already created over 28 high-quality videos. The videos include not only the inside but aerial drone footage as well, all in 4K quality.