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Since we began planning our trips, we continued to run into the same problem, a common problem for most travelers… WHAT CLOTHES DO I PACK?! It’s a tough question because you don’t want to pack too little, yet you don’t want your pack to be too heavy.

The animation above is based on the default parameters: 1 day or less rain on average, a high that doesn’t pass 85℉/29℃, a low above 55℉/12℃, and mean (average) temperatures between 60℉/15℃ and 75℉/23℃.

Our friends from Decision Data have helped us make a decision and they can help you too! They are experienced travelers (digital nomads) and have traveled all over the world. Searching google for “What’s the best time to visit Colombia” or “Best time to travel the Netherlands” often gives you sponsored results from writers who have never actually visited the countries.

This database contains on years of experience, collaborations with other digital nomads, and most importantly advice from locals who know best. Scroll to the exact week and see when and where it is the best time to visit this country.

You can adjust settings to your ideal minimum, maximum, and average temperature. You can find out when and where there will be rainfall and even filter it out of your search completely if you would like, see this link for background, methodology, and more.

Please feel free to comment below! Also if you would like to visit their site directly follow this link.