This podcast features Tomas and Christine, my two good friends from High School who have also found a passion for traveling the world. We had some amazing conversations about where we have traveled and more importantly, why we travel. Traveling has become more than just visiting a culture to Christine and Tomas, they want to have a purpose for their journeys. Helping a country solely through eco-tourism is in the past for them and they have their minds set on things along the lines of teaching, conservation,sustainability and habitat restoration. We have some great talks about these opportunities in detail and I think you can gain a lot by listening to how Christine and Tomas have taken advantage of these fulfilling ways to travel the world. I find myself inspired to travel the world each time I sit down and have a podcast. This one did not disappoint in that regard, I am itching to get out there and I think you will feel the same way. Enjoy!

Picture featured: Malta

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