I don’t know if you know, but tattoos started way back before they were negatively associated with prison and gangs. We have proof that since the Neolithic period, people in all corners of the world have used them as a way of expressing themselves. Proudly marking their skin as a dedication to who they are and who they’ve been. Pretty cool hey?

Everything you do is permanent in a way. Everything you say – or did – you can’t unsay and you can’t undo. Even if you fixed it, it still happened.

The divide with tattoos today is changing. There certainly are a handful of people that hate, hate, hate them. If there’s one thing I can say to you – if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. So here is my view on the subject.
I have a fair collection of tattoos. My first one dates back to when I was just 17. – whoops! And I definitely don’t hate it. If anything I love all my tattoos.
As my wise little sister once said – everything you do is permanent in a way. Everything you say – or did – you can’t unsay and you can’t undo. Even if you fixed it, it still happened.
Having tattoos to me shows that you’re ok with the past and the present.

The beauty of tattoos for people like me, is in those moments where I feel weak they make me feel stronger – they remind me of me – they remind me of great memories and great stories I would never want to forget. The word tattoo actually comes from words meaning “to write” and “to mark something”. They are the scars that you choose.

I would never want to forget that moment in Nicaragua, where we are sat on the back of a truck coming back from the beach and through some miscommunication with parrots to carrots- I now have my very own tribe of carrots; 9 carrots to be exact. I have a connection with 9 amazing people around the world that I know I can call on at any time. Can’t put a price on that.

Hotdog tattoo

My other favourite is possibly my hot dog tattoo. I got this little guy 3 years ago at the beginning of my solo trip around the world. It always reminds me of that courage I had to just go do it. It was also my funny little pun when someone asked me if I was travelling on my own – ”
Not anymore – *points at hot dog*”
After that one I got myself a Llama with my very own special Llama  – Milo. At this point we had no idea that 3 years from then we would be planning the rest of our lives together – I don’t even think we knew we would be sharing a bed that night- well maybe he did 😉

So would I get a travel tattoo again? I would answer the same thing I did to a girl in Brazil. She asked me a question I never thought I would hear let alone be able to answer yes to –

-“Are you the girl with the Hot dog and the Llama tattoo?”

Yes. Yes I am.