This podcast features Ambassador (Jennifer) and member (Amber) of an awesome group called Mountain Chicks. Groups of women from all over meet up via social media and explore the beautiful nature that our planet has to offer. It has grown into quite a group and continues to gain popularity. Jennifer and Amber are part of the Pacific North West chapter of MTN Chicks but that doesn’t stop them from traveling to places like Iceland or Italy. Jennifer plans to set foot on an amazing journey known as the Pacific Crest Trail where she will trek with just herself and her backpack for about half a year. That ranges from Mexico to Canada and is over 2,600 miles! Make sure to follow both of these girls and the Mountain Chicks movement and become inspired to get out there yourself!


Instagram: @thewhimsicalwoman (Jennifer), @amberkchang (Amber), @MTNChicks

Facebook: Mountain Chicks

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