When I first started traveling solo, I had no idea my trip was going to bring me so much more than expected. My journey was one adrenaline filled adventure. It consisted of ice climbing in New Zealand. Being ankle-deep in the swamps of the Amazon searching for anacondas. I went cage-free diving with bull sharks in Fiji. I ate weird delicacies such as tarantulas and chicken feet in Cambodia. My little legs even brought me up 5000m on a 3-day trek through the Andes. However beyond all this adrenaline, traveling gave me something even more special that I would like to share with you here.

First of all, traveling on your own is really not as scary and daunting as it may sound. You will never truly be alone. Ok, I take that back. There will be some lonely times. But these times are great because you will just start to love your own company and your freedom.

I was just doing exactly what I wanted to do in that moment

I met a lot of people traveling in pairs or in groups and there was always a conflict. Simple things like where to eat and where to go next. I could go wherever I wanted. I could skip from place to place guilt free, as I wasn’t holding anyone back. I wasn’t compromising at all. I was just doing exactly what I wanted to do in that moment. Not a worry about where I was going tomorrow.

There is something very special about that. That situation where you can choose to be or do whatever you want. Sounds super fun and easy right? Not for me. On my first trip by myself, I struggled. I landed in Bangkok and everything I expected to feel was different. I had spent most of my life living for someone else. I had made the men or “the other person” in my life so important I actually had no idea what the hell I wanted to do.

So I am not going to lie to you, there were some amazing days I am so proud of. Like my days in Koh Lanta, where I would grab my own scooter and whizz across the island just myself. Only stopping at sunset to sit on the fine white sand and watch the sun paint the sky amber. Then there were days where my anxiety would get the best of me. I would spend the day sat in the same place too nervous and overwhelmed to do anything else.

You see that’s the beauty of traveling solo. Is you can make this trip whatever you want it to be. There’s no failing. You could plan 3 months through Asia and end up staying in one spot because you love it that much. You will have moments you’ll share and you’ll have those precious ones you can’t even put into words.
So my travels weren’t only a reminder of how important it was to know what matters to me. In fact, it gave me much more than that. It made me realize that no matter where I was, this was my story. I had to make every page worth reading.

dempsey Rosie


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