I am by no means a qualified nutritionist or fitness instructor, but like most people my weight is something I’ve had my ups and downs with.

The first time I went backpacking, I remember a girl friend telling me: “You’ll have so much fun – you’ll loose so much weight”. I wasn’t carrying much extra weight to start but I always thought this comment was strange. I was about to go on this 6 months trip around the world and this was her highlight for me. Which is why, I by no means think this should be the focus of your trip but it is true. When I went away the first time, I put on a bit of weight. Not much but enough for me to look back on photos and feel that they are not very me. So when I travel now, I have a few things that I do that help me stay the way I am and I just want to share these tips with you.

Become a veggie enthusiast!

The first thing is I’ve become a veggie enthusiast! I am and absolute vegetable monster. Even if I eat a not-so-healthy meal, I balance it with as much veggies as I can. This way my body gets what it needs and doesn’t hold on to what’s not wanted.

Drink as much water as you can

Drink as much water as you can when you wake up in the morning before eating anything. Even if it’s just a glass, this really helps me. This will rehydrate you and you’ll be surprised the energy it can give you. Especially if you’ve had a few too many of the local beers the night before helps flush out the toxins and reset the body.

Choose exercise

Do 100 sit ups a day. Just kidding. Don’t do that. Remember you are there to enjoy yourself! But hey if you’re that keen to stay fit choose exploring ideas that burn a few calories and get the heart going. Go for a of scuba dive in the morning or some hikes for sunset that will help keep those legs and lungs going.

Have 1 day off alcohol a week

Have 1 day off alcohol a week. This is my downfall every time, because when you are backpacking it’s so easy to drink a daily beverage or 12. I found if I just take 1 day off a week (harder than it sounds) it just allows my body to recuperate. This gives my body a chance to purge, stops me feeling the build up of excess toxins and the weight that goes with that.

Don’t starve yourself!

Lastly, don’t starve yourself! Remember you are there to enjoy yourself and to try new things. Don’t be too hard on yourself and learn what works for you.

I hope you enjoy these little tips. Share some of your diet tips below 🙂

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